Exceptional relationships across our teams: leading and engaging our people

What sets us apart at Jetstar is not what we do, but how we do it.

Our vision, mission and values influence the choices we make every day. Our values help us steer in the right direction, assist us to make the right decisions and provide an exceptional customer and employee experience that is consistent across our businesses.

Our People Strategy

We create an environment where you feel recognised, valued, proud and motivated to achieve.

Each of us plays role in contributing to Jetstar’s success. Jetstar’s People Strategy has six key focus areas and we are creating tools to support managers and team members to:

  1. Be safe and responsible
  2. Be great leaders and people managers
  3. Create an outstanding employee experience
  4. Build capabilities and talent for growth
  5. Drive high performance
  6. Manage our organisation and change

Get-up-and-go Culture

At Jetstar, the environment is fast-paced and ever changing. We value those who enjoy working autonomously and with others. But while there are rules to play by, we believe that no one should be limited by what’s expected.

If you enjoy challenges, we’ll let you create your own, so you can help shape your role into whatever you want it to be.

Staff Travel

Not only will you receive discounted travel benefits working for Jetstar, but you can nominate your favourite companions to enjoy travelling with them too. These include discounts on airfares on Qantas and Jetstar services and accommodation deals.

Career Progression

We believe that focusing on the ongoing improvement of the skill and competence of our team members is vital to achieving our strategic goals. The assessment and improvement of “how” we perform in our jobs is a key component of team member development and so we have introduced the Jetstar Competencies to help identify development areas in order to improve and develop team members for current and future roles.

There will be opportunities to work cross-functionally as well as cross-geography when you choose a career with Jetstar!

Jetstar Learning

Jetstar Learning Programs are designed to develop competencies aligned to our Jetstar values. Each program is aligned to one of the 4 behavioural levels with the Jetstar Competency Framework to provide a learning pathway to support the development of team members and leaders, strengthen capabilities for talent and growth and drive high performance.

Development at Jetstar integrates the 70-20-10 approach. 70 per cent of learning takes place on the job and through the relationships we form (learning from others), 20 per cent is from coaching and mentoring from your manager/leader and 10 per cent from online courses or in classroom facilitated learning.

In addition to having toolkit for individuals to support their own development needs, we have developed a suite of classroom facilitated learning programs to support staff development.

Engagement Surveys

Here at Jetstar, we value the views of our employees. That’s why we create as many opportunities as possible for you to express your opinions and help shape the future success of Jetstar!

Social Committee

We have an active Social Committee made up of employees from different departments which organises exciting social activities on a monthly basis.

Jetstar and You

With hubs in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and Hong Kong, there’s countless opportunities to travel overseas, develop your skills and knowledge whilst enjoying a new culture!