In the Office - Safety

Safety, Security & Quality Assurance

Safe operations are our top priority at Jetstar Asia. An effective safety management system helps to ensure that our passengers and staff can travel safely and with confidence. We have a team of experienced Safety, Security and Quality Assurance professionals and operational staff, coupled with a robust systems and tools to manage safety, security and quality at all times. Jetstar Asia has established a comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) in accordance to the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority Singapore (CAAS); adopting a scientific data-driven approach to managing safety and reducing risks. It is supported by a safety and quality database with data analysis capabilities to help to proactively identify and address potential safety issues.

The Safety, Security and Quality Assurance (SSQA) department forms a part of the operational department but reports directly to the CEO. The department is responsible for the administration of the SMS including accident prevention programs, operational safety risk management, safety investigations, flight data analysis and the monitoring of the effectiveness of the SMS. The department is also responsible for the processing, storage and analysis of all operational safety data. In this regard Jetstar Asia adopts a centralised SMS approach in collaboration with each of the department to manage their respective safety performances. This is measured and tracked through the Monthly Safety Security Committee (MSSC) chaired by the Head of SSQA (with the CEO in attendance) and the Group Airline Safety Committee chaired by the Group CEO.

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