In the Office - Engineering

Engineering and Maintenance

The Engineering & Maintenance (E&M) Department is responsible for ensuring the continuing airworthiness of all aircrafts in the fleet. We ensure that the aircrafts and their equipment are maintained and serviced in accordance with all applicable safety and airworthiness requirements. Procurement and Contract management function is also undertaken by E&M to ensure all related Engineering and Maintenance functions are in place to meet the operational and network requirement and Customer expectations of the Airline such as OTP, NPS etc.

The Engineering function consists of Technical Services, Fleet Planning and Technical Records. This team is responsible for fleet technical management which includes technical assistance on defects and incidents, monitoring and improving fleet reliability, engineering projects, developing and implementing the Aircraft Maintenance Schedule (AMS), planning and coordinating scheduled maintenance, fleet specifications and liaison with Lessors, aircraft inductions and returns, as well as updating and ensuring proper archival of maintenance records.

The Maintenance Operations function consists of Line Maintenance, Base Maintenance and Materials. This team is responsible for coordinating and supporting line maintenance activities (local and overseas outstations) on 24/7 basis, on-ground troubleshooting and rectification of aircraft defects, ensuring aircraft maintenance are completed safely and on-time, and inventory management with the provision of spares and materials support for maintenance requirements.

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